Quick Reference

Harvest Type:  Continuous

Transplant/Direct Sow:  Transplant or direct sow

When to Plant:  After the last average frost date

Days to Germinate:  7-14 days

Days to Maturity:  80-90 days

Planting Depth:  ¼” deep

Germination Temp:  65-70°F

Seed Spacing:  6” apart or plant thick and then thin later

Rows:  2’ apart

Light:  Full sun

Soil pH:  6.5-70 pH

Water:  Keep moist until plants are 1" tall. Water when the top of the soil is dry after plants are 1" tall.

Soil Temperature:  45°F

Fertilizer:  Not required.  Prefers low nutrient soil

Rotation:  Not required


Oregano is an easy herb to grow from seeds or root cuttings. Oregano Very popular in many Mediterranean recipes, and a staple in Italian cuisine. It is a wonderful herb for culinary kitchen gardens and for drying. 

Harvest Type

Oregano is a clip-and-use herb, so harvesting is ongoing. It is also wonderful as a dried herb. 

Transplant / Direct Sow

Seeds are direct sow for outdoor planting or plant in trays for indoor starts. Transplant seedling to the garden or a pot when they are 2-3" tall. 

When to Plant:

Plant seeds or transplant seedlings on the last frost date in your area. 

Days to germinate

Oregano seeds take 7-14 days to germinate at outside temperatures of 65°F. 

Days to maturity

Oregano takes about 90 days to mature and as long as 200 days in cooler regions. You can harvest oregano when the plants are 8-12 inches tall and buds begin to form. 

Tip: Oregano can be invasive so consider growing it in pots that will contain the roots. 

Planting Depth

Plant seeds 1/4" deep.

Germination Temperature Range

Oregano is a Mediterranean herb that likes warm, dry conditions. Its seeds germinate when the soil temperature is 45°F or warmer. 

Spacing Between Plants

Oregano is a spreading plant. Plant seedlings 1-1.5' apart and keep rows around 2-feet wide. Generally, expect a mature oregano plant to spread outward about 20".

Growing conditions

Oregano thrives in Full Sun, with slightly acidic soil (6.5-7.0 pH). Water seeds lightly to prevent the top layer of soil from forming a crust. Water growing plants when the top of the soil is dry. 

Soil temperature range 

45-70°F.  Generally, oregano does well in warm weather.


Not recommended as oregano prefers nutrient-poor soil. 

Tip: If planting oregano in the ground, plant it in areas where heavy feeders have grown in the past. It will do well in poor soil. 

Companion Plants

Oregano is good with most plants and does remarkably well with other herbs such as basil, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme. 


Not needed as oregano plants prefer poor soil.

Anticipated yields

Oregano plants can grow to 2.5' tall and spread outward around 20." As a fresh herb, expect a few oregano plants to keep you well supplied. For drying, 2-4 oregano plants will produce an exorbitant amount of dried herb.

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