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To those seeking to sow seeds:


You are buying seeds from a family, not a factory.  The seeds in our garden collections and the vegetables they grow are the same seeds we selected for our own family.  We're excited to help your family reap the rewards of the seeds you sow.  There's no better way to control the supply chain of your food than to grow it yourself.  You can grow your own 100% organic garden with complete faith and confidence that the food you are feeding your family is of the highest quality.  Also, you will be amazed at how much better the vegetables that you love and care for taste when they are allowed to ripen on the plant.  Growing a home garden will provide your family with more than just food.  You will enjoy caring for your plants and watching them grow.  


Growing your own vegetables not only helps you and your family, it's good for the world.  Your own backyard is the closest possible source of food for you and your family; no fuel used in transport, no trucks causing congestion, no risk of damage or waste, no need to harvest before your vegetables are ready to eat.  You are also much more likely to embrace organic methods, waste less water and generally produce less waste than commercial farms.  


I believe we can achieve meaningful change by growing our own vegetables.  As a business, Family Sown is dedicated to procuring quality, non-gmo, open pollinated heirloom seeds from sources in the United States.  We've also curated seed varieties that we believe will produce high yielding gardens in most cases.   Our growing guide has significantly more detail than you will find on the back of a typical seed packet.  We don't just want to sell you seeds, we want you to succeed and join the millions of fellow Americans who proudly grow their own vegetables.  We're proud of what we're doing and are honored that you have chosen Family Sown as the source of seeds for your family's home garden.


According to Forbes,  "During World War II food rationing was introduced in the United States, prompting Americans to grow their own fruits and vegetables in order to sustain themselves during tough times. It’s estimated that by 1944, roughly 20 million victory gardens were grown, resulting in 8 million tons of food. That was about 40 percent of the country’s supply of fresh produce at the time!".  We can get there again, but we have to do it together.   




W. Gaines Kilpatrick, President/Father