Cover Crops

Quick Reference

Harvest Type:  Mow and reincorporate into soil.

Transplant/Direct Sow:  Broadcast Sow, then rake.

When to Plant:  Early fall after removing principal plants from garden. Early spring for a summer mow.

Days to Germinate:  3-10 days (this is a mix of 10 varieties)

Days to Maturity:  30-70 days

Planting Depth:  1/2” deep. (Broadcast sow, then rake)

Tip: For broadcast planting mixed cover crops, the USDA recommendation is about 25 pounds per acre. I found that recommendation in a whitepaper written by the USDA to help farmers determine the cost of using cover crops on a farm. That math breaks down to about 1 ounce per 100 square feet (10’ x 10’ flower bed). You will probably want to be a little more aggressive if you’re covering a small area, like your home garden.

Germination Temp:  40-65°F

Seed Spacing:  N/A

Rows:  N/A

Light:  Full sun

Soil pH:  N/A

Water:  1" per week. 

Soil Temperature:  40-65°F

Fertilizer:  N/A. Mowing and reincoporating cover crops into your soil will serve to restore nutrients.

Rotation:  N/A

Brassicas: Diakon Radish & Turnip

1. Tap roots “biodrill” channels into the soil which improve irrigation and counteracts soil compaction, making it easier for your next crop to take root.
2. Release compounds that fight nematodes, fungi and some weeds.
3. Replenish depleted nitrogen in soil.

Grasses: Oats, wheat and barley

1. Fibrous root systems scavenge nitrogen and other nutrients.
2. Rapid establishment of extensive root system helps prevent erosion.
3. Plants and roots add organic matter to the soil.
4. Above ground residue helps prevent weed germination.

Legumes: Peas, Clovers and Hairy Vetch

1. Nodules of beneficial bacteria on legume roots pull nitrogen from the air.
2. Blanket ground cover prevents erosion.
3. Attract bees and other beneficial insects.

10 variety mix of cover crop seeds ideal for home gardens.

Non-GMO, Open Pollinated, Made in the USA

Ideal for Home Gardens, Raised bed gardens, container gardening, etc.

No-till mix of best selling cover crop seeds.

All of our seeds are Non-GMO, open pollinated seeds sourced in the USA. We’ve combined the 10 best selling cover crop seeds in this mix because they thrive in depleted soils and are renowned for resilience against garden pests. No till required. Simply hand toss seeds in your garden and churn the mature plants back into the soil. This mix of cover crop seeds was designed to keep your garden soil in tip top shape. Planting the no-till garden and farm cover cop seed mix will improve water percolation and retention, soil microbial activity, cycling nutrients, suppression of weeds and erosion reduction.

Seeds will begin to germinate in as few as 3 days and will continue to germinate for three weeks. Plants will mature in 4 to 6 weeks.

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