How to Use This Guide

 How to Use This Guide 

The guide is designed to provide the best information to gardeners located throughout the US and beyond. Inside are several groupings of data. They include:

Plant guides with in-depth information on every type of seed we carry.

A Garden Glossary that defines terms as we've used them here. 

A guide to using the USDA Hardiness zones to find your zone and match that to plants that grow well in that zone. 

A guide on how to plan your garden

Each of these sections helps you to succeed as a gardener by approaching gardening from many points. 

Use the USDA hardiness zones section to locate your proper zone. Read the bit about how to plan your garden and then choose plants that thrive in that zone. Already you're off to a great start because you've reduced the added work of trying to grow plants that are not happy in your climate. Look at the plant profiles and select plants that fit your growing criteria and location. Specifically, start with the soil and check the soil pH. You can order a soil pH test kit online for reasonably cheap. Do you need to amend the soil? We provide fertilizer recommendations that help you become a sustainable gardener. Not sure about what we mean? Check the glossary. 

All of these tools help you plan, select, plant and grow food to feed your family. 

 A Note About Climate:

Climate is the average high or low temperature for a specific area over ten or more years. Most climate data is over 100 years old. Each year scientists take the high and low for each day of the year and then figure out the average high and low for that year. Weather is the day-to-day data we experience. Climate and weather are essential for growing food. Find the average last frost date for your location on the NOAA map here: Average Last Frost Date

The average last frost date and the average first frost date are just that- average. Keep your eye on the long-term weather forecast for alerts about freeze warnings and storms that might bring hail or even snow. Be prepared to protect your garden with row covers or cold frames should a surprise freeze show up unexpectedly. Be sure to email us if you have questions, and we will do our best to answer you quickly. 

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