Quick Reference

Harvest Type:  Continuous or single

Transplant/Direct Sow:  Direct sow

When to Plant:  2 weeks after the last average frost date.

Days to Germinate:  3 days

Days to Maturity:  50-70 days based on the variety

Planting Depth:  1” deep

Germination Temp:  70°F

Seed Spacing:  Plant in hills with 3-4 seeds per hill.  Space hills 18" apart.

Rows:  3-6' apart

Light:  Full sun

Soil pH:  6.0-6.5 pH

Water:  1” of water per week

Soil Temperature:  Optimal is 70°F

Fertilizer:  10-10-10 or 12-10-10 N-P-K ratio as needed.

Rotation:  Annually



Harvest Type

These are a single harvest that is ongoing through the growing season.

TIP: Grow cucumbers vertically to save garden space.

Transplant / Direct Sow

Direct sow seeds or transplant. Sow seeds in hills with 3-4 seeds per hill and space the hills 18" apart.

TIP: Place a tomato cage or trellis over the hill and allow the cucumbers to climb.

When to Plant:

Cucumbers do not tolerate cold weather very well—plant when the soil temperature is warm between 60°F-85°F.

Days to germinate

3 days

Days to maturity

It takes about 50-70 days, depending on the cucumber variety you plant.

Planting Depth

1" deep

Germination Temperature Range

Cucumber needs warm soil to germinate.  Plant when the soil temperature is above 60° with 70°F being optimal.

Spacing Between Plants

Plant seeds in hills and space the hills 18" apart.

Growing conditions

Cucumbers are a summer crop.  Plant in fertile hills when the days are warm and the nights are cool. Cucumbers like the soil to be just slightly acidic and require a constant supply of water. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Companion Plants

Cucumbers are good neighbors. Plant them alongside beans, pole beans, melons, and peas.


Rotate cucumber crops each year to avoid depleting the soil and increasing plant disease and pests.

Anticipated yields

Plan your garden yield at 2-3 plants per person for daily consumption. A plant may produce ten cucumbers that are 6-8 ounces each. Some varieties produce many more than that. For pickling, plan on 4-6 plants per person.

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